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Wellington psychologist Dr. Nicole Pray I am a registered clinical psychologist operating a private practice in Wellington CBD. My training was in the United States, at the Seattle VA Hospital, a nationally recognized trauma centre. With over 20 years experience, over 15 years in private practice, I bring considerable knowledge and expertise, as well as real life experience, to understanding and helping others. I have supervised and trained other psychologists and offer specialised consultation in the treatment of couples issues, depression, anger, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as panic and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

I enjoy helping individuals overcome anxiety and the impacts of trauma and PTSD, including addiction to alcohol or other drugs, so that they can achieve improved relationships/ marriage and work functioning. I help individuals utilize their own unique strengths while learning new skills to improve their lives, work performance, and relationship satisfaction. My clients report greater confidence/self-esteem, and enhanced resilience to stress. I do corporate consulting work to the main areas of specialisation. I particularly enjoy helping couples find greater closeness and learn effective communication patterns, improve sexual functioning, and get the relationship they want with each other. I have successfully assisted clients through life transitions, such as divorce, family conflicts, extra-marital affairs, post natal depression, and grief/loss.

I provide education and advice, and discuss options with you, so that you are empowered with choices and a thorough understanding of what treatments are available. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to determine if psychology can benefit you, I encourage you to call and have a brief chat to help you answer any questions and decide if you want to come in. I will happily provide you with information to help you decide if counseling is right for you. My office is located in central Wellington, making it easy for professionals to schedule a mid-day appointment, or conveniently at the end of the day. I also hold evening appointments on a limited basis. I serve clients from the greater region, including Hutt Valley, Kapiti, and Porirua.

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Dr Nicole Pray, PhD
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Nicole Pray Consulting Limited
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