Nicole Pray Consulting Limited

Wellington, NZ


Pencarrow House, Level 5, is a mixed use premises, with a range of psychiatrist and psychologist specialists. On Level 5, Pencarrow Consultants Limited includes: Dr Sarah Romans, MD, Dr Duncan Roy, MD, Dr Sunny Collings, MD, Dr Karen Faisandier, PhD, Dr MaryAnn Stevens, PhD, Dr Bahrie Veliu, PhD, Craig Pope, Murray King, and Matthew Sherwood King.

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Dr Nicole Pray, PhD
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Nicole Pray Consulting Limited
Director, Pencarrow Consultants Limited
04 473 4722

Level 5, Pencarrow House
58-66 Jervois Quay
Wellington 6140

PO Box 25063
Featherson Street
Wellington 6146